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Michael Leighton frustrates Andre Roy

Andre Roy was a fan favourite during this weekend's Play For A Cure event. "Andre Roy was certainly very entertaining, but even better was that when I sat down and chatted with him he's a very kind family man." said event founder Jeff Casey. "He's been married for a long time with three daughters that he cares about very much."

During Thursday's draft party at Caesars Windsor Roy had the audience in stitches with his stories. He capped off a hot stove segment with former NHL tough guy Marty McSorley with a story he has told many times including on the popular podcast Spittin' Chiclets.

Roy helped make the Play For A Cure event a success. Casey proudly unveiled a cheque for $374,000 which brought the three-year total for the Cancer Research Collaborative Fund to over a million dollars. "This year's event was the best ever. The volunteers were absolutely incredible. The sponsors helped support the event in a way that made it awesome and the players raised the most they've ever raised." said Casey.

The players had fun and were entertained by Roy during the shootout Friday. Former NHL goalie Michael Leighton stymied the field facing upwards of 40 shooters while allowing only three goals. One player who didn't take well to Leighton's play was Roy who displayed his frustration following a missed attempt.

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