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Racing returns (updated)

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Local car drivers Mike Hryniuk Jr. and Kevin Lay are excited to start their engines for their first race in almost a year. They'll be racing a twin 30 lap day Saturday as Flamboro Speedway welcomes Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks, Canadian vintage modifies, legends and the OSC back to the track. "When we all hit the track we didn't really know how we interact and work together however it was just a perfect mesh" said Kevin Lay. "Jumping back into the car felt so natural It's almost like you forget It's been almost a year since I've been behind the wheel".

The Hryniuk/Hall team used the time off to fine tune their cars for the first race of the season. No one will be in the stands cheering them on and each team is limited to a four-man crew. "Hoping to turn some good laps and run a fast and a clean race this weekend. said Hryniuk Jr. " We’ve done a little testing before the race and after the first couple laps it’s like I haven’t even been out of the car. It’s always nice being able to hop back in the office and have the feeling you’ve never left.

Here is a video and link to more videos...


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