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Sandwich wins OFSAA over Kingsville

We'll start this write up with a question. Have two Essex-County teams ever played each other for an OFSAA championship? Feel free to comment below. Sandwich came out victorious in the gold medal match beating Kingsville 7-1 Tuesday afternoon in Hamilton.

Source: Patricia MacNeill

"It's a testament to the to the quality of players from the Windsor-Essex County area," said head coach Mike Trudell. "I think we're easily the best region softball and the girls showed themselves well. They were kind of the talk of the tournament. you know. People were pretty impressed with what they saw, I think, from both us in Kingsville."

Both the Sabres and Cavaliers were undefeated at 4-0 heading into the game. Sandwich came out victorious Tuesday after beating Kingsville in the WECSSAA final

"Amazing. I'm just really happy for the girls, Trudell said. "They put a lot of work in and worked really hard and we're super proud of them. We joked at the beginning that we were going to see each other in the finals, so we kind of figured we'd be matching up again. We battled all year long. Feels good for the girls to come out on top."


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