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Girls succeed playing in sr. boys division

For the second season the girls at Academie Ste. Cecile were forced to play on the boys team. "We didn't have enough boys for a male team and we didn't have quite enough girls to make a female team." said athletic co-ordinator Pat Hanna. "We combined them to one team."

Ste. Cecile had eight girls and ten boys on the roster. "Playing against older, better guys. I love it because I play club." said Sophia Rosati, who is also the team's captain. "It's definitely an interesting dynamic. My assistant captain is a boy so that can be challenging sometimes but I love the team and we all work really well together."

The team had a rough season in the City Group division this season allowing an average of 4.5 goals per game. Addison Pollard put a smile on her team's face scoring a late goal against Brennan during the final regular season game as Academie Ste. Cecile won 1-0. "We worked so hard for this moment and I think the whole team just deserved one win or a goal or something like that for this game because it was our last game." said Pollard. "We have seniors leaving so it was really nice to end it off with a win."

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