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Alexander bringing home silver

Windsor's Darren Alexander picked up an old friend in Urbana, Ohio before travelling to Birmingham, Alabama for the World Games. "We were friends long before we were teammates." Said Guelph native Graham Fach.

He and Alexander formed Team Canada bowling in a singles and doubles tournament in Alabama. They were on opposite sides of a 16-man bracket. As luck would have it, Alexander and Fach ended up playing each other for the bronze medal. "I think we were both hoping it was in the gold medal match." Said Alexander. "No matter what, we knew our country was coming home with a medal."

Fach won the first match 226-190. Alexander rebounded with a 220-167 win. Fach won the deciding match knocking down only five more pins than his teammate over the three games. "There wasn't going to be any hard feelings no matter which way that match went." Said Fach.

Alexander and Fach went on to team up as doubles partners. Before making it to the gold medal game the Canadians endured a gruelling match against The Republic of Korea in the semi-finals. "Korea broke up a lot of stuff that probably wouldn't have fallen if it was on regular free fall pins." said Alexander who explained the pins in this tournament were set up on strings, like five-pin bowling is. "They made two splits that they would not have made if they were on regular 10-pins." Said Fach.

The match went to a 9th and 10th frame roll off in the third and deciding game. Canada eventually beat Korea by 13 pins to advance to the final against Denmark where they lost two straight to earn silver. "We feel like we bowled well. They got a few more breaks than we did." Said Alexander.


For Fach, the trip was a great reunion with a buddy. "It was us hanging out when we really didn't get that chance with the borders closed."


They played two rounds of golf before heading to Alabama and Fach was very proud to say he split with Alexander. "It means more that I beat Darren than Darren beat me."

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