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Anger steps down in Essex

A surprise development in Essex as Danny Anger steps down as head coach of the 73's. "It has nothing to do with the loss. Has nothing to do with whoever was involved with the organization." said the 33-year old. "It's just that the team needs a different voice. They need certain aspects that another coach can provide to get them to the championship."

Anger guided the team to a second place finish in the Stobbs Division this season. The 73's almost forced a game 7 in the divisional final against the regular season champs Lakeshore. Essex dropped game 6 in overtime as Canadiens leading scorer Trevor Larue capitalized on a bad bounce behind the 73's net for the winner.

In his three seasons at the helm Anger says leading the team to the division final was a big highlight. "I have not one ounce of regret coaching them and I'm still going to still be involved in some capacity. We're just trying to work out the details."

As the team now focuses on finding a new head coach Anger is thankful for his experience in Essex. "I got to meet some really great people. I absolutely love the organization. I love everyone that's involved."



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