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Friends squaring off tonight

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

A day after celebrating a championship Gabe Piccolo and Trevor Larue will battle one another in an exhibition game tonight in Lakeshore.

Piccolo, along with a few former Flyers teammates, now plays for the Essex 73's who visit the Canadiens in exhibition play tonight at 7pm. "It'll be fun." Piccolo said. "It'll be a friendly battle. Trev's a good player. So is Bo (Piroski). It's gonna be hard to get the puck past Bo. Watching Trev score goals is gonna be tough. We'll compete hard but at the end of the day we'll always have that bond. That's most important.

Larue is excited to return to a team he won a PJHL title with. "Still gonna love him but on the ice it's gonna be different. Gonna do whatever we can to win." Larue said with a smile.

The game will be played in the Shuren Rink at the Atlas Tube Rec Centre.

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