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Grundner scores championship winner

It wasn't a golden goal but when Ruby Grundner scored with less than two minutes left in the sr. girls 2A championship game it sure felt like it. Grundner rallied a loose ball and tallied from five yards out leading Tecumseh Vista to a 1-0 win over L'Essor.

"We've been losing the last two years so being a senior it was really good that we won," Grundner said after the post game ceremony. "I was in shock. I didn't even think it went in coz my adrenaline was so high. It was a really good feeling.

The Vortex lost to Les Aigles 3-1 in last year's final and Melina Zsargo was elated to post a clean sheet and be on the right side of the score. "I'm really really happy with how I played, how my team played," Zsargo said. "You know, Ruby is also a senior so I'm so happy she scored. This is a really surreal moment and I'm really excited to take it all in and hopefully win at SWOSSSA and go to OFSAA again this year."

Check out Grundner's goal and our photo gallery below.

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