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Jamieson event at Sutton Creek halted

Officials with the Jamieson Jr. Golf Tour now have two events to reschedule after play was suspended Thursday at Sutton Creek. A broken water main down the road forced the stoppage of play, "We were all just caught off-guard by the announcement from management at Sutton Creek" said Bryce Evon, associate tour director.

The course was cleared shortly before noon as Tour officials praised the staff at Sutton Creek. "We all agree that the safety of the players is the most important thing out there, and the broken water main would have prevented us from following proper Covid-19 protocols (washing hands, sanitizing surfaces etc.) said Evon.

Event #2 was cancelled at Rochester Place Monday following Sunday's heavy downpour. Play resumes July 27th at Maple City Country Club in Chatham.

Photo's courtesy of Glenn Gervais. Click link for more pictures.

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