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Les Aigles celebrate four soccer titles

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Here's something you don't see too often. One school winning four soccer championships. L'Essor pulled off the feat this spring as their junior boys and girls and senior boys and girls won their respective WECSSAA titles. "To win all 4 championships in the same sport is truly special." said Scott Frezell, the school's athletic director. "It speaks to our talent and the dedication of all our coaches."

Cathleen Mulvey coached the senior girls team and was a player at St. Anne when the Saints won all four titles in 1998. "Back then it was awesome." Mulvey said. "It does a lot for school spirit and school pride as well and I think it did that for the players here."

The teams gathered in the school gym to immortalize their accomplishment. A group pic was taken and will eventually be found on a wall at the school for all to see and appreciate.

"A huge accomplishment for this school." said senior boys head coach Justin Soontiens who is in his third year at L'Essor. "That's phenomenal, especially for a french school."

Originally from London, Soontiens says french schools in his city always seemed to be at a disadvantage against the english schools. He's proud of four titles Les Aigles were able to bring home. "People should be taking us seriously now which is fun."

Here's video of the senior boys and girls collecting their hardware.

Alexia Rimbert coached the junior girls team while Francisco Cabrera and Symphorien Donkpegan were in charge of the junior boys team.

Andrew Tymec helped coach the senior boys team. Melissa Mihalji and Marissa Krasowski stood beside Mulvey on the sidelines.



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