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Missing hoops

The glow of the University of Windsor basketball invitational was missed this year. The tournament would have been hosted at the St. Denis Centre this past weekend but the 64th edition was cancelled because of the pandemic.

"This pandemic continues to hit on another opportunity for us to compete, connect, and have fun". said Lancers head coach Chris Cheng. "Our HS tournament has been an annual event and one that gives us an opportunity to connect with the Windsor-Essex community and other High School programs across the province. The cancellation prevents us from engaging in person with our targeted recruits. Our tournament was an opportunity for us to showcase our program, facilities, and campus. The committee and I were excited to get this year's tournament running but that excitement will have to wait until 2021".

Cheng says the team has been in good spirits during the first half of the season which was relegated to practice and training. "The fact that we can train is a positive because it keeps us engaged and together. I can't imagine what we would all do if we weren't training and engaging together in-person".

According to Cheng the Lancers have been motivated and focused as a group led by the leadership of veterans Telloy Simon and Thomas Kennedy. "Everyone from the veterans to the newcomers have shown a sign of leadership in their own way and this has been vital to our collective growth and togetherness. I don't know how I would manage to lead without my player's taking ownership of this situation. I am very proud of their response. The health and safety of my student-athletes is the priority. Whatever we do and continue to do moving forward will always be in the health and safety of everyone in mind."

Here are videos shot during the 63rd annual invitational in 2019.

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