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Prepolec's next fight is set

MTC's Kyle Prepolec will be squaring off against Shane Campbell in Edmonton March 4th at Unified MMA 43, "This upcoming fight is super exciting", said Prepolec who beat Michael Dufort in November. That match was named Canadian MMA Fight Of The Year in 2021.

Prepolec was excited to get the call to take on Campbell, "During the weird times that we're in to have a fight in November and a fight in March to be so soon, I count it as a blessing and an opportunity I have to jump on because you never know when the next one could be".

The 32-year old took time off after the Dufort fight and returned to training in early January. He says he's working on his timing and sharpness and is looking forward to his match against a fighter with UFC experience, "He's a very good mixed martial artist. He's good at striking that's for sure".

Campbell has a kickboxing record of 62-9. The 34-year old has won four straight and earned a TKO against Hubert Geven in December improving his MMA record to 21-8.

Prepolec (15-7) says it's an important fight for both he and Campbell, "If he beats me he's number one in Canada. If I beat him I'm number one in Canada". He hopes a victory on a fight available on UFC Fight Pass will give him the necessary exposure to get him one step closer to returning to the UFC, "That's how big this fight is. It's basically to get back to where we wanna be".

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