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Updated: May 27, 2019

Boys soccer hits the road for the regional championships. Westview Freedom Academy will play the winner of Tilbury DSB or North Lambton SS (game scheduled Monday) for the A title. The AA game has Riverside travelling to Chatham to take on John McGregor on Wednesday, May 29th. St. Joseph's CHS is also in Chatham to take on Ursuline for the AAA title.

Girls soccer invades the field at Holy Names. All games are scheduled for 3:45pm against the Lambton-Kent champs. Their winners will be determined May 27th.

First up it's Villanova playing for the AAA title on Tuesday vs Chatham-Kent. Wednesday L'Essor will vie for the AA title. Thursday Lajeunesse will battle for the A title. This post will be updated once Lambton winners are determined.



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