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Thunder looking for volunteers

The Tecumseh Thunder baseball organization is hosting the 2024 men's national championship August 21-25 at Lacasse Park. Organizers are looking for volunteers. "40-50 volunteers between both Lacasse and Woodslee. More hands makes lighter work." said club president Jamie Kell.

The top amateur players from coast to coast will be in the Town of Tecumseh giving volunteers an opportunity to support a national event while catching some top notch baseball.

"Anyone requiring high school hours as well we will gladly sign off on," Kell said. "Also, Kids between 10-13 years of age can apply to be “baseball runners” to get our fouled off baseballs back into the game."

Some of the things volunteers can do: Ticket sales, grounds crew, cleaning crew, merchandise sales, site support, parking, 50/50 sales, opening ceremonies help and setup. To name a few.

Click the link below if you are interested or would like more information.

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