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WECSSAA sr. boys all-stars

Updated: Jun 12

Issam Hassoun of Holy Names scored on a penalty kick midway through the second half to send this year's WECSSAA sr. boys all-star game to penalty kicks. Remy Pieper of Cardinal Carter made to diving stops on six shots to lead Team White to a 2-1 victory. "It was really exciting. The team pulled through there at the end for us. Got a couple of great penalty shots," the graduating senior told Powerplay Sports. "I made a couple of lucky guesses at the end there so you know, just happy to go away with the win there. Surreal experience for me it being my last year."

Check out Remy's two penalty kick saves below brought to you by Team Brad Bondy.

Here are this year's sr. boys all-stars.

Exaucee Calema, Lajeunesse

Issam (Samo) Hassoun - Holy Names

Nico Fontecha - L'Essor

Evan Labutte - Walkerville

Karol Jasniewicz - Lajeunesse

Sebastian Piatkiewicz - Holy Names

Hayden Nurse - Kingsville

Soykan Akar - Riverside

Mohamed Siyat - Westview

Matthew Chimenti - St Anne

Meteja Mitrovic - Vista

Tami Bashir - Riverside

Feroz Hamdard - Westview

Niko Floros - St Anne

Josh Abidakan - L'Essor

Juan Diego Rodriguez - CCH

Khalid Al Hamod Al Khalaf - Westview

Abdullah Faraj - Massey

Stefan Alionte - Vista

Jacopo Fiore - Assumption

Hashim Falir - Westview

Ariyon Shoushak - Villanova

Nick Rahie - Cardinal Carter

Austin He - Assumption

John Ding - Westview

Gabe Olla - Sandwich

Mahmoud Mohamad - Leamington District

Maro Belmonte - Brennan

Nathan Lopez - Lajeunesse

Stone Campbell - St Anne

Tiago Carreira - Kingsville

Nartan Kubilay - Assumption

Mohammed Alshurafa - Westview

Alessio Pizzuto - Holy Names

Hashim AbuAnzeh - Tecumseh Vista

Andres Monar Lopez - CCH

Mateusz Balon - St Joe's

Ashton Sim - Kingsville

Fynn Randall -North Star

Evan Parent- Brennan

Goalie Hassan Akhdar - Lamothe-Cadillac

Kieran Anderson - St Joe's

Remy Pieper - Cardinal Carter

Kevin Rakowska - Kennedy

Full Video with player introductions below.


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