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Prepolec itching to fight after year off

Kyle Prepolec finally returns to the octogon this weekend for the first since April of 2023 when he beat Josh Henry in a first round TKO. "It's been very frustrating. Unlucky." Prepolec told Powerplay Sports while working out at Maximum Training Centre.

Events cancelled. Fighters falling through. He has been chomping on the bit to return and will square off against Gustavo Wurlitzer for the Flyweight Championship Saturday night at BTC 24 in Burlington. Also on the card is Tony Laramie who'll take on Josh Smith in the Catchweight bout.

"Hopefully after this fight, it's the call back," said the 34-year old who would like to fight in the big leagues (UFC, PFL, Bellator or ONE FC). "That's what we're hoping."

Check out the video below to hear Kyle talk about what it's like to cut weight.



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