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Tecumseh Soccer made good use of grant

$85,000 went a long way to help the Tecumseh Soccer Club recover from the pandemic. An Ontario Trillium Foundation grant was awarded to the club in March of 2022 and was used to support operational costs like staffing, equipment, program enhancements and community outreach.

Source: Tecumseh Soccer Club

"This funding was instrumental in advancing our mission to provide accessible and top-notch soccer programs for players of all ages and skill levels." said club president Shandel Jewell. "This grant created new programs such as our mini’s program and entry level junior coaching pathway."

New Sporting Director Roberto Mazza says coaches are a premium and it was the club's mission to offer former players an opportunity to get involved. "When you ask and they're like ya we're interested then we bring them into our junior coach program where Steven McManus pretty much teaches them how to coach through the curriculum."

Tecumseh continues their OPDL schedule with games this weekend at Academie Ste. Cecile starting at 11am. OPDL tryouts take place after Labour Day.


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